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What Difference Can An Agile Essentials Course Make?

More and more businesses are talking about ‘going Agile’ or have already begun to implement this. If you are a software developer or project manager then you will likely need to undertake an Agile Essentials course soon.


But how is ‘going Agile’ going to make a difference in the work you produce?

Less disconnect between teams and with the client


In the traditional Waterfall approach a project would generally start with setting out the requirements for the end product, designing it, developing it, testing it and finally deploying it. While it seemed like a great idea to start with a clear definition of requirements, the fact that each step is handled by a different team began to show signs of disconnect, where one team’s thoughts didn’t align with those who came before.


One of the biggest challenges with this disconnect, especially coming into a development phase, was that technologies and methodologies may have advanced in the meantime. This would, however, not be accounted for in the earlier steps. And, inevitably, this resulted in clients being unhappy with the end product.

Iterations VS Waterfall


The solution to this disconnect is the use of iterations. Through an Agile Essentials course you will learn to include all teams/members through incremental steps.


What this means is that instead of putting the project together section-by-section, you will develop a ‘working version’ of the project through various cycles/iterations. This way everybody is working together on the project, and at the end of every iteration there is something to show the client.


By including all team members and the client in these iterations you have a chance to continuously receive feedback from the various role players throughout the project. That way, should an issue arise it can easily be fixed in the next iteration. Also, should technological advancements or limitations occur (among others) the project can more easily be adjusted between iterations to account for this, keeping it agile, flexible and on point.

Where to go for this training?


Your best option, always, is to go to experienced and accredited Agile Essentials trainers. One such institute which comes highly recommended for their Agile PM Foundation and Practitioner course is Stratsure.


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