To Make All Necessary Arrangements Before Setting Off To Travel

Before setting off for a trip we have to think of a lot of things. There are a number of things which we need to consider other than the fun we are aiming to have in the trip. Travelling can be for relaxation or to meet up emergencies or work needs. Regardless of the reason behind a trip Travel Planning and Safety Tips are the two key factors one needs to consider. For family trips or solo ones a good plan and safety tips are unavoidable.

The Best Travelling Guide For Travelling Plan

A plan made before hand makes every action a little easier. The last minute decisions can be the cause behind failure of the trip or can be like a stain on your perfectly white clothes. Booking of tickets, airport issues, hotel reservation, transport conformation, list of site visits and various other things can be listed while making a travel plan. It is not easy to make a perfect one but it shall be feasible if you make it beforehand rather than delaying it until the last day. For sudden trips or emergencies it is not possible to make plans ahead but it is always advised to have things sorted to avoid further harassment or inconvenience.

Safety Tips While You Are To Travel

Safety tips are one most important thing while travelling. There are professionals who guide you by organizing your travel plan and mentioning you the safety tips you need to keep in mind. Safety is of utmost concern for all. From luggage to human, if anything slips out of your mind and unfortunately leads to a mishap you shall do nothing but regret. Safety tips shall be kept handy and paid an attentive ear while they come from any source. It is good to be informed by experienced source.


Hence, for every trip you plan make sure before starting to travel you have Travel Planning and Safety Tips which will be required ahead in the trip. This helps in taking concern for every little thing which might later cause unexpected trouble in the journey.

A gourmet Barcelona

Dining has always been a pillar in Spain’s tourism industry but, for years, leisure and entertainment were more the front-runners of this sector. However, in zones like Barcelona and Madrid, cuisine has now come out from behind their shadow and now there are many routes and local restaurants that offer gourmet cuisine where both food enthusiasts and experts can treat themselves to an unforgettable experience.

Mercat Born

Barcelona is the birthplace of the innovative and compound mediterranean diet. A diverse and stylish city that implements these elements into its dining where restaurants and pubs always come together to provide brand new proposals like the capital’s first gourmet market: the Mercat Born Gourmet. This is an initiative of traders and restaurants in the Born de Barcelona zone that was first established in February and is now held every third weekend of every month. Here, you will find products grown on farms on the outskirts of the city, fresh fish and produce from suppliers that have been working with the most distinguished restaurants in Barcelona for years.

Tast a Rambla

Another activity to add to your agenda is something that is enough reason in itself to plan a trip to Barcelona at the start of June. We present to you: the Tast a la Rambla (tasting on the Rambla). This year, the event takes place between the 8th-11th June and, over the course of this period, the emblematic Barcelona Rambla is transformed into a large route of gourmet eateries, with numerous wooden stalls where you can try all kinds of revolutionary dishes and recipes whilst basking in a perfect culinary ambiance. What is great about this event, apart from the food-tasting, workshops and complementary activities for all ages, are the highly reputable dishes (some accredited with the Michelin Star). The prices, a reason why there’s so much buzz surrounding the dishes, are quite competitive (with portions at 3 or 4 euros).


 In the middle of spring you will discover yet another street event: the Van Van food truck festivity. At the start of April, the city organises the latest one on the Moll de Barcelona and, with it being an improvised event held in both well-known and hidden spaces, it becomes an even more popular event where people come to play, laugh and share good times with their friends.

Top restaurants

Even when tasting the best dishes whilst sitting down and relaxing, you will still get distracted by the multiple of restaurants to visit. Some are those that have caught our eye by their originality (in dishes and concepts), like the IKKI BCN which is an authentic Japanese bar that serves delicious traditional tapas; Lascar 74, which is the place to head to if you are a fan of ceviche, adjusting to all tastes and elaborating the dish in all kinds of colours and textures and the Cava de Tàrrega now comes with its own stamp and signature dishes. These are made by the great chef: Albert Marimón. Another essential restaurant to visit is the Seco Taberna KM 0 where you will find the best “slow food” in Barcelona.

 Excellent hotels

For a gourmet getaway, choose one of these dates to enjoy some of these outdoor activities. Consult the agenda to make sure your stay coincides with these days. In terms of hotels, you have nothing to worry about as during the months of July and August, there is not as much frenzy as normally is the case in high season (July and August) and so it is possible to find a room at a good price in Barcelona’s city centre.

The hotels with the best quality-price comparison are those of the Petit Palace hotel chain, like the Petit Palace Boquería Garden Hotel (that, apart from being closeby to the emblematic Mercat de la Boqueria, has a great indoor patio with a 100 year old garden where you enjoy a delicious mediterranean breakfast) and the Petit Palace Museum Barcelona Hotel which is worth a stay as it is built on the foundations of one of the most modern yet, at the same time, historical buildings in the city. You can also choose from options close to the Sagrada Familia or Born, where you will find some hotels from the Catalonia chain which combine 4 star prices and services with privileged locations.


Luxury hotels designed to surprise

There’s luxury hotels then there’s luxury hotels. And when you fork out for a 5 star hotel you always expect something that goes above and beyond the norm. This concept that clients have in mind is being collected by hotel chains and introduced into the portfolios of all unique hotels to evoke precisely this concept: the element of surprise.


A good example is, because it’s one of the biggest hotel chains of this category in Spain; The Grand Selection. This is an exquisite selection of the best 5 star hotels in the chain which can all be counted on to offer exceptional design, decor, services and facilities.


In this collection, some stand out more than others. Here, we’re going to highlight the most innovative, revolutionary and inspirational of all of them. IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Portal Nous: the latest to make its debut, is the best representation of this kind of thinking: a luxury hotel that always goes further than what is expected of it.


We’re talking about a 5 star establishment on the seafront of Bendinat, one of the most exclusive residential zones on the west coast of Majorca, next to iconic places like Portal Nous and Andratx. The interior of the hotel bears the undeniable stamp of Marcel Wanders in all of its themed suites.


In addition to its excellent location, this hotel is like a window to the sea, a refuge for the most select travellers looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle, to give free rein to their hobbies, wishes, impulses and imagination, stemming from the most intimate to the most free… The outside leads directly to a cove with crystal-clear waters, where guests can discover a lively beach club with state-of-the-art terraces looking out towards the horizon and gardens that boast hidden corners in which to rest and take a leisurely walk. Of course, the service is completely personalised and is catered to every guest with golf, gourmet cuisine, themed parties and so on…


On the other side of the continent, in Budapest, we’ll find other gems in this luxury collection. It’s name is amongst one of the most well-known in the world; one that coincides with the fantastic film from Wes Anderson: IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Budapest. In contrast to the hotel mentioned above, this one is an urban hotel that accommodates for high-ranking executives and important members of the European high society. Or even for guests who want to experience top-quality accommodation in Budapest, which everyone should experience at least once in their lives.


Whereas some urban hotels are limited (in terms of space) to be creative, Grand Budapest, on the other hand, combines everything: dining, relaxation, work and rooms for hosting events with excellent personnel to match.

The location, like with all urban hotels, is very important. …And this hotel here winning hands down. This is because it’s right near Freedom Square in central Pest, within walking distance to all the important financial and business districts as well as the main high street.



All of the IBEROSTAR Grand Collection hotels can be booked directly on the official website of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts and from this one here. These platforms guarantee the best prices; even more so than those that third parties offer. Through this, you’ll be able to book at some of the best hotels in the chain at a better price for your budget, always taking into account that these are premium luxury hotels that are never going to cost the same as 3 or 4 star establishments.

Worried About Safety Issues Of Your Life, Not Anymore

The path of life is not bed of roses; mostly it is full of thorns. Before taking each and every step you need to count it. You need to take every step carefully. Still sometimes the most careful person also will be facing some drastic mishaps in their life. So life is unexpected. Anything as well as everything can happen at unexpected times. At such points you will be feeling helpless. Your entire life will seem to be upside down. Within a blink of an eye your world will be altered. But not anymore predicting unexpected situations are not in our hand but taking necessary steps as well as legal proceedings are in our hand. We are KRW Truck Accident Lawyers. Want to know more about us and our procedures? Take a brief stroll through this artifact to discover such possibilities.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

  • Mostly 18 wheeler accidents are often caused by the negligence of the driver as well as the company.
  • Sometimes the driver might be under the influence of drugs or alcoholism, which is one of the leading causes of accidents.
  • Due to heavy rain, thunder storm or snow fall the roads will be wet and chances of accidents will be increased eventually.
  • Sometimes due to the negligence of other drivers also accidents may happen.

Why Krw Truck Accident Lawyers?

You must be thinking why us why not some other popular firm? It’s simply because we are having the most experienced accident lawyers in our firm. You need to impose one fact that accident cases are very different from other situations. So an attorney needs to be well versed about all the possibilities as well as need to undergo certain relative training procedures. Hence you can trust us and we will be providing all necessary efforts to fetch your fair compensation.

Fair Compensation Procedure

Such attorneys will be helping you to collect monetary compensation for a wide variety of loses that includes:

  • Medical bills.
  • Lost wages.
  • Repairs to your vehicle.
  • Replacement of the vehicle is totaled.
  • Surgery as well as Rehabilitation expenses.

Hence if you are facing any such problems with hesitating contact us. We will be more than happier to help you.